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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forget to leave my bag out?

Don’t worry. Just call and let us know when the bag will be left out and we will pick it up.

What if I miss my automatic pick up day?

You can call anytime, Monday through Friday, and ask for a special pick up. Friday pick ups will be delivered on Monday.

Does it cost extra for a special pick up?

Absolutely not! It’s just part of our service.

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely! If you are not pleased, we are not pleased. Each garment is inspected by 3 different individuals before it is delivered back to you. However, sometimes a garment which does not meet our high standards still slips past our inspections. If that happens, please send it back so we can do it over.

Do I have to be home when you pick up or deliver?

No. For pick up, just leave your bag on your front door step and we will pick it up. For delivery, we hang your clothes on your hook and ring your doorbell to let you know there has been a delivery.

What about inclement weather during pick up or delivery times?

It takes really bad weather to stop us. However, if the roads are unsafe, we will pick up or deliver as soon as road conditions allow. During bad weather, we deliver your clothes only in person if they would be exposed to the inclement weather. If you are not home to take delivery, we will hold your cleaning until the weather improves or you call to let us know you can take delivery in person.

Can I get an extra bag if I fill up one?

We can give you as many bags as you need: his and hers, laundry only, dry cleaning only, etc.

Can I get credit for referring a friend to The Dry Cleaning Valet?

Yes. Do yourself and your friends a favor. You will get a $20 credit on your bill for each friend who uses our service and they will get a great dry cleaning service. Call for details.

Why didn’t I receive my full order back?

Once in while, a spot or stain does not come out with normal cleaning and requires extra treatment. Some items such us leather or household items take longer to clean and are not next day delivery. Look for a yellow card attached to your order identifying the held item.

Why did my shirt get dry cleaned instead of laundered?

Usually it’s the buttons. Shirts with fancy buttons are laundered but must be hand finished which is priced at the dry cleaning rate. Other shirts may also need special care requiring hand finishing.

How do I pay?

We send you a monthly statement showing all of the activity in your account. Just send a check back in the self-addressed envelope for the amount in the BALANCE DUE box. Automatic payments can also be set up using your credit card. We accept MASTERCARD and VISA.

How do I start your service?

It takes about 4 or 5 minutes at your doorstep to set up an account and get on the route. We provide you with a personalized bag and give you all the information you need at that time. Contact us for an appointment.